Tuesday, May 22, 2018

BOOK REVIEW for "Wild Beast Mate (Beast Mates, #2)" by Milana Jacks

***(3) out of 5 stars!


He will bring his wild thing to his bed… even if it kills him.

After Dewlyn’s, third, heart-stopping attempt to escape their mating bed, Vice is more determined than ever to plant babies in his little daredevil’s luscious body. Even if it means feeding the heat between them until she hungers for him alone — and her resistance is starved into submission. But she’s hiding something. He can only hope she hasn’t joined the human rebellion.

When Vice bought her, Delwyn was beyond ready to be whatever he wanted. But then he dumped her back with her parents, putting their future on ice. Now she harbors ambitions well beyond just becoming a mate. Vice may peel away her clothes, even stoke her desire until she’s blind to everything but him. But she’ll never surrender the dark secret that keeps her breathing.


I was so intrigued with Delwyn, and also Vice, at the end of Blind Beast Mate that I just had to purchase Wild Beast Mate so that I could learn what becomes of them!

The majority of the book entails Vice chasing Delwyn all over the place, trying to capture and contain her.  Eventually, near the end of the book, we discover why she has been running all along.  And it is a sad truth to learn.

Jamie broke the silence first.  "Did she just say what I think she said?"

She is also, throughout the course of the story, manipulated by various other factions, and basically doesn't have a very easy time of things.  Eventually, she and Vice come to an understanding and get a fresh start at their happily-ever-after, but it takes a lot for them to get there.  

Apparenlty, Delwyn is into erotic asphyxiation, which I found very disturbing, so the love scenes for me were less sexy than just plain creepy.

Overall, it was a good read, as usual for Milana Jacks, but definitely not my favorite tale so far in this series.  

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