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COVER REVEAL for "Jules (Reed Security, #12)" by Giulia Lagomarsino

(Reed Security, #12)
by Giulia Lagomarsino
Publication date: March 18th, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Julian swore he would always love her. He said he would never leave her. He’s about to break that promise. If only she would listen. If only she would trust him. But how much crap can one man take? It’s time to move on.  Ivy wants Julian more than anything, but she’s won’t trust anyone with her secrets. Now it’s too late. He doesn’t want her, but she needs him more than ever. If only she could make him understand. If only she had told him sooner how she felt, but that train has left the station and her life is going to hell. She should have told him she loved him when she had the chance.

Author Bio: 
I'm a stay at home mom that loves to read. Some of my favorite titles are Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Horatio Hornblower. I started writing when I was trying to come up with suggestions on ways I could help bring in some extra money. I came up with the idea that I could donate plasma because you could earn an extra $500/month. My husband responded with, "No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book." I didn't think I had anything to share on blog that a thousand other mothers hadn't already thought of. I decided to take his challenge seriously and sat down to write my first book, Jack. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing. From there, the stories continued to flow and I haven't been able to stop. I hope my readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them. Between reading, writing, and taking care of three small kids, my days are quite full. 

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BLOG TOUR for "Breaking the Billionaire's Rules" by Annika Martin

BTBR - BT banner.jpg

Breaking the Billionaire's Rules 
by Annika Martin
Release Date: February 19th, 2019


Breaking a Billionaire’s Rules, a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy 
by New York Times bestselling author Annika Martin.

Max Hilton is my high school nemesis turned billionaire. 
And tomorrow I deliver his lunch order. In a cat costume.
You know he’s going to love it. He’ll smile that smirky smile, 
sitting there all superior in his gleaming tower, 
the wealthiest and most notorious playboy in all of New York, 
the king of everything.
Turns out it wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat — it was mortification.
I’m almost ready to quit my lunch delivery job, 
but then my roommate tosses me a copy of 
The Max Hilton Playbook: Ten Golden Rules for 
Picking up the Hottest Girl in the Room.
It’s the book that catapulted him to stardom. And it’s my new bible.
I’m going to use his own techniques against him. 
I’ll wrap him around my little finger, bring him to his knees,
 and crush his steely heart. 
Call it payback for all the single girls 
who had to endure legions of losers wielding his legendary tactics.
But seeing Max every day, I’m discovering a side of him
I didn’t even know existed
 — he’s not the jerky guy I thought he was. 
He has this smile he shows only to me, and it melts my heart. 
His touch sends shivers
down my spine. And those forbidden kisses are driving me wild.
Falling for him was not in my plan.
Am I breaking his rules or will his rules break me first?

BTBR - AN.jpg

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“Are we going with cheesy puffs today?” I ask.

“Cheesy puffs,” he says hoarsely.

“Good job,” I say. “You made an excellent choice. And just for that, you get an extra bag!”

He tightens his jaw as I snatch up an extra bag.

I’m keeping him off-balance. I feel like I’m really nailing his system today. I head right for him, all the way around his desk, holding his gaze, because that’s what you do to show a dog that you’re in charge.

It hits me here that holding a man’s gaze and walking steadily toward him, never looking away, is also an incredibly sexy thing to do. Every inch of my skin feels alive with excitement.

He swivels away from his desk as I near, facing me with that strangely serious expression. His shirt cuffs are rolled partway up his muscular forearms. His hands rest on his hard thighs, fingers relaxed. Nails trimmed short. Pianist-short. Some habits die hard.

And those thumbs. They’re the same thumbs he stuck in his belt loops while he sang with all of that sweet goofiness during that lost summer. Though science tells us that the cells of the body replace themselves over time—nine years for an entirely new body. So he really is a different person in every way.

I stop in front of him, heart jackhammering in my chest, remembering the way he’d sing to me during that lost summer.

Even when there was a full auditorium, it was as if he was singing to me and me alone, gaze dancing under that floppy hat. The song was about young, hopeful love. It’s how I felt that summer.

It meant nothing to him. A dalliance of proximity. The second we were back at school, he returned to his cold and cynical mode. Too cool for me.

Quizzically, he tilts his head. “Mia?”

Have I been standing there weirdly long?

I think back to his book. If you feel your control slipping, simply give her another reward for something.

“And as a reward for extra predictable behavior…” I toss one bag onto his desk and pull open the other one with a loud crinkle-snap.

His eyes flare.

I remove one puff from the bag and hold it out to him. “Open,” I whisper, pulse racing. “Open for your prize.”

He watches me sternly. Opening for his prize is the last thing he’s going to do. Nobody pushes Max Hilton around.

The book doesn’t have instructions for outright rebellion. The book doesn’t say how sexy that might be. How a person’s beauty can squeeze deep into your belly. How you might really want to kiss him. To straddle him and sink into him and make him remember. Make him come back.

“That’s not open.” I nudge his lower lip with the cheese puff. “Do better,” I say.

He grabs my wrist.

My breath quickens.

His big, warm hand, encircles my wrist snugly and completely. His challenging gaze deepens, like he can see right into me.

The bright orange cheese puff falls from my fingers.

Slowly, he pulls my hand toward him, pinning me with his eyes.

I swallow, mouth dry. “Are you going to eat my fingers instead?” I whisper.

He brushes his lips over my knuckle, soft and warm and smooth as velvet.

About Annika:

Annika Martin loves fun, dirty stories, hot heroes, and wild, dramatic everything. She enjoys hanging out in Minneapolis coffee shops with her writer husband, and also likes birdwatching at her bird feeder alongside her two stunningly photogenic cats, especially when she should be writing. She’s heavy into running, music, saving the planet, taking long baths, and consuming chocolate suckers. She’s worked a surprisingly large number of waitressing jobs, and has also worked in a plastics factory and the advertising trenches; her garden is total bee-friendly madness and her most un-favorite word is nosh or possibly fob. A New York Times bestselling author, she has also written as RITA award-winning author Carolyn Crane.

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BOOK BLITZ for "The Boyfriend Whisperer 2.0" by Linda Budzinski

The Boyfriend Whisperer 2.0
by Linda Budzinski

Release Day: February 19, 2019

YA Contemporary Romance


Alicea Springer was Boyfriend Whisperer Enterprises’ top success story. That is, until her dream date, Ty Walker, dumped her a week before prom. Now it’s senior year, and Alicea has taken over the business and given it an upgrade with an automated matchmaking program she designed and nicknamed Libby, short for LIBACA, which is short for "Love is But a Click Away."

Alicea has no interest in using the program herself. She already knows who her perfect match is… Ty. She doesn’t need an app to tell her that (or worse, match her up with someone else). In a moment of weakness, Alicea allows her friends to convince her to give Libby a try. To her horror, it matches her with the last boy on earth she'd ever want to date — Darius Groves, the class deadbeat.

When she and Darius are paired up for a class project, Alicia learns there's more to him than his bad reputation. But the more she spends time with Darius, the more she questions their match. They have so little in common. Can Alicea defy the odds and make a match of her own heart’s desire? Or will the matchmaker remain unmatched?

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BOOK REVIEW for "Overture (North Security, #1)" by Skye Warren

by Skye Warren
Published February 17, 2019

~ Summary ~

The world knows Samantha Brooks as the violin prodigy. 

She guards her secret truth — the desire she harbors for her guardian.

Liam North got custody of her six years ago. 
She’s all grown up now, but he still treats her like a child. 
No matter how much he wants her.

No matter how bad he aches for one taste.

Her sweet overtures break down the ex-soldier’s defenses, 
but there’s more at stake than her body. 
Every touch, every kiss, every night. 
The closer she gets, the more exposed his darkest secret.

She’s one step away from finding out what happened the night she lost her family. 
One step away from leaving him forever.

~ BOOK REVIEW for Overture ~

****(4) out of 5 Stars!

This was smart, sexy book, with a lot going for it.  The main character of Samantha was an enjoyable teen character, as were her two best friends Laney and Cody.  Her guardian Liam, and also his brothers Josh and Elijah, were hard asses, but very loving in an overbearingly protective way.  It was sad to see how insecure Samantha was, due to her initial upbringing with her father and then her strange existence with the North brothers.  The romance was intriguing, if a little skewed.  You get the sense that Samantha & Liam could do a lot for one another, other than just sexually, if they gave themselves the chance.  It's mostly Liam that tries to keep them apart, but Samantha does have her hangups as well.  The background intrigue seems to be quite important, but kind of shuttled into the background noise.  While I had heard this was the first book in a new series, I hadn't realized that the books would be a continuous story, instead of stand-alones.  This volume most definitely felt like the beginning of a story, where there was a lot of groundwork laid and world building performed.  But it was most definitely not a complete story, and really just left the reader on a cliffhanger in a number of different aspects.  This was probably the biggest reason that I quite enjoyed but didn't completely love the book.  I'm looking forward to reading future installments though, and have high hopes for the remainder of the tale.

is the first novel in an all-new sexy series
from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren.

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BOOK BLITZ for "The Sword of Kaigen (A Theonite War Story)" by M.L. Wang

The Sword of Kaigen
(A Theonite War Story)
by M.L. Wang
Publication date: February 19th, 2019

A mother struggling to repress her violent past,
A son struggling to grasp his violent future,
A father blind to the danger that threatens them all.

When the winds of war reach their peninsula, will the Matsuda family have the strength to defend their empire? Or will they tear each other apart before the true enemies even reach their shores?

High on a mountainside at the edge of the Kaigenese Empire live the most powerful warriors in the world, superhumans capable of raising the sea and wielding blades of ice. For hundreds of years, the fighters of the Kusanagi Peninsula have held the Empire’s enemies at bay, earning their frozen spit of land the name ‘The Sword of Kaigen.’

Born into Kusanagi’s legendary Matsuda family, fourteen-year-old Mamoru has always known his purpose: to master his family’s fighting techniques and defend his homeland. But when an outsider arrives and pulls back the curtain on Kaigen’s alleged age of peace, Mamoru realizes that he might not have much time to become the fighter he was bred to be. Worse, the empire he was bred to defend may stand on a foundation of lies.

Misaki told herself that she left the passions of her youth behind when she married into the Matsuda house. Determined to be a good housewife and mother, she hid away her sword, along with everything from her days as a fighter in a faraway country. But with her growing son asking questions about the outside world, the threat of an impending invasion looming across the sea, and her frigid husband grating on her nerves, Misaki finds the fighter in her clawing its way back to the surface.

From the Author:

The Theonite series is the product of over ten years of writing and research, combining all the things I love most about adventure, science fiction, and storytelling in general.

The Theonite Series:
Theonite Book I: Planet Adyn 
Theonite Book II: Orbit 
Theonite Book III: City of Ghosts (coming 2019)

Standalone Companion Novels:
The Sword of Kaigen 

If you are curious about my work, you can read full chapters for free here 
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BOOK BLITZ for "Dragon and Mr. Sneeze: Charli's Story" by Blue Skeleton

Dragon and Mr. Sneeze: Charli's Story
by Blue Skeleton
Publication date: February 11th, 2019

Seventeen-year-old Charli wishes that ghosts would just leave her alone.

After her mother’s death, she’s barely making ends meet, and having dead people nag her all day isn’t helping. But when her best friend Dotty falls gravely ill, Charli discovers she’ll need to master her magical abilities in order to keep her Dottles from becoming a monster.

Can Charli control her magic in time, or will she lose her best friend forever? 

This southern fairy tale is full of rebellious witches, unusual magic, and unique mythical creatures, which is sure to please Harry Potter fans. A suspenseful fantasy novel with an incredible twist and a strong heroine many can relate to. 
Dragon and Mr. Sneeze: Charli's Story
is currently just 99-cents on Amazon Kindle!

You can visit Blue Skeleton online at

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BOOK BLITZ for "The Open Road" by Bo and Quinn Loftis

The Open Road 
by Bo and Quinn Loftis
Publication date: February 13th, 2019
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Like all young couples, Jason O’Neal and his wife, Bethany, imagined a long and happy life with their children. But when Jason loses his family to a tragic accident, his storybook life dies with them on a two-lane highway. Unable to cope with the loss, Jason makes a last-ditch effort to find peace with their deaths. He plans to fulfill Bethany’s dream of visiting all fifty states, leaving mementos of his family along the way. 
Samantha Showalter knows heartache after being left crying in an empty parking lot at the end of a three-year, abusive relationship. Seven months later, she’s rebuilding her life through sheer force of will, until her ex-fiancĂ© shows up at her doorstep unannounced. But Samantha’s best friend has a plan to help Sam let go of her past once and for all … and finally find herself again. 
Fate, with a little help from a meddling best friend, will bring two broken souls together. Both have their own valleys to cross before either can hope for a future of happiness. 
Will Jason and Samantha find peace in each other, or will their past pain be too much to overcome? 
The answer will be found on the open road.


Just then, Sam heard a loud knock on her front door. She sat still, thinking maybe the knock had actually been on the apartment door next to hers. An emaciated old hippie named Skip lived there, and he received all manner of strange visitors. It was not uncommon for one of them to knock on Samantha’s door by mistake. When Skip wasn’t hiding behind his dark curtains, he spent most of his time sitting in a lawn chair on the stoop smoking nonfiltered cigarettes and petting his elderly cat Mrs. Kush Kush.
The knock came again. No, that was definitely on her own door. Who in the world could that be? She sucked in a breath as she remembered Henry and his bizarre statement about knowing their future. Could he have found out where she lived? Not that it would be hard. Samantha was pretty sure you could find anyone you wanted on the internet. The knock came yet again, a little more insistent this time. Still, she didn’t move. It was Sunday, almost noon. She wasn’t expecting anyone. This had to be some stupid door-to-door salesperson or maybe a religious nut just out of church and all fired up. Or it’s a crazy, psychic nut who’s obsessed with you, she added in her mind, choosing not to voice that out loud and somehow make it come true. Not that she was superstitious but why not play it safe, just this once? She wasn’t going to answer it. They’d go away in a minute.
The knock sounded for a fourth time, even louder this time. “Dammit,” she swore and threw the blanket off her body. She was annoyed enough now that she was able to tamp down any fear she might have been feeling a moment ago. Samantha lumbered up and stomped into the living room so loudly she probably made the pictures rattle in the apartment below her. She paused at the door and looked down at herself, noticing her breasts were about to come tumbling out of the top of the red shirt she’d been wearing the night before, which was stained and wrinkled. Her throat was on fire. Her mouth tasted like she’d eaten a raw dragon liver, and she could only imagine what her hair must look like.
Samantha yanked the shirt up as high as it would go. She briefly thought about quickly freshening up, or at least brushing her teeth, but then she might miss the chance to read the riot act to this jackass pounding on her door. And if it was Henry Hyena, she was going to make it perfectly clear that he was creeping her the hell out and he needed to stop. Sam was going to make this fool pay for dragging her out of bed—well, off the bedroom floor, anyway—on what should be a very relaxing Sunday. The knock came again.
Damn it! It’s my first day off in three weeks. I’m SO not listening to a sales pitch about satellite TV! This asshat is getting a piece of my mind!
Samantha unlocked the door and yanked it open. Everything she’d been planning to say froze in her throat as she stared up into the eyes of the man at the door.
“Nice shirt,” said Derek, grinning like a Cheshire cat. And Samantha vomited all over his shoes.

Author Bio:
Quinn Loftis is a multi-award winning author of more than 20 novels, including the USA Today Bestseller, Fate and Fury. In a previous life, Quinn was a nurse, but God had other plans for her. In 2011, she published her first novel, Prince of Wolves, and the rest, as they say, is history. Quinn is thankful to God and gives Him all the glory for her amazing life and family. She is blessed to be married to her best friend for over 19 years and they have three boys, two dogs, and a cat that wants to take over the world.

Author links:

Bo Loftis is an attorney turned novelist who recently penned his second novel, The Open Road, with his USA Today Bestselling author wife, Quinn Loftis. Bo lives in the Arkansas River Valley, where he deftly toes the line between gamer and jock, splitting his time between gaming (both board and video) and playing basketball, mountain biking, and acting as a color commentator for local high school football games. He has three sons, each of which love to use him as their own person jungle gym, and he wouldn’t trade them for the world.

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BLOG TOUR & AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Stacey Rourke for "Apocalypse Five (Archive of the Fives, #1)"

Apocalypse Five 
(Archive of the Fives, #1)
by Stacey Rourke
Publication date: February 12th, 2019
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Good luck and have a pleasant apocalypse.  
The end of the world is coming. How or when, scientists can’t agree upon. For decades, Earth’s best line of defense has been a team of young soldiers known as the Apocalypse Five, forced into virtual reality simulations to train for Doom’s Day. But, this is no game. Death on the grid is brutally final and calls up the next in a long line of cadets. 
Stationed aboard the AT-1-NS Starship, the A5 are celebrities thrust into the limelight by a calling they didn’t choose. All it takes is one unscheduled mission, showing seventeen-year-old team leader Detroit a harsh and unfathomable reality, to shake the A5’s belief in all they thought they knew. After questioning people with the power to destroy them, the team is framed for a crime they didn’t commit and marked for death. Now, the hunt is on. 
Can the Apocalypse Five expose the truth the starship would kill to keep hidden? Or, will their bravery end in a public execution?
~AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Stacey Rourke~

1) What gave you the inspiration for the storyline? 

That’s a funny story. My husband and I went to see the movie Dark Tower, based on the amazing Stephen King series. During the movie, Matthew McConaughey utters the line, “Enjoy the apocalypse.” That was it, I tuned out of the film completely. Instead, my brain was busy plotting an entire book loosely based on that one sentence. By the time I walked out of that theater, I had my cast of characters in place as well as the entire story arc. It really is fascinating how inspiration can strike in the oddest of places. 

2) Are there any hidden themes in the book that you hope readers will discover?

There are actually quite a few, there are traces of the unrealistic expectations we put on kids these days, there are elements of political corruption, and the importance of us coming together as a society. I don’t doubt readers will probably pick up on a few more as well! 

3) Are any of the characters based on real people you know?

Not any that I know if real life, but I did base the character of Reno on Ed Sheeran. Which, in my mind, always made the scenes when he sings that much more beautiful. 

4) Who has influenced you most as a writer? 

Without a doubt my family and my readers. Whenever I have a moment of doubt, whenever I wonder why I keep pushing on, these amazingly supportive people seem to sense it. Without fail, I will get some message, or words of encouragement that put me back on the right path. Every book I finish, every word I write, is for my unwavering team of supporters. I love each and every one of them, and would be nothing without them. 

5) If you could have any three literary characters over to your place for game night, who would you invite, what would you play, what would you serve, and why? 

I’m going to go with some of my own characters on this one. I would pick Ridley from my Legends Saga Series, Sterling from Unfortunate Soul Chronicles, and Octavia Hollows from The Journals of Octavia Hollows. Ridley, sees dead people, Sterling is basically insane, and Octavia is all sorts of sassy. I would love to play something like Card Against Humanity with them! That would be hysterical. 

6) Do you feel that you can ever have too many books?

That’s just crazy talk. Of course not!

Author Bio:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter
Stacey Rourke is the author of the award winning YA Gryphon Series, the chillingly suspenseful Legends Saga, and the romantic comedy Reel Romance Series. She lives in Michigan with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and two giant dogs. She loves to travel, has an unhealthy shoe addiction, and considers herself blessed to make a career out of talking to the imaginary people that live in her head. 

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AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Holli Anderson for "Myrikal"

by Holli Anderson


In a world torn apart by massive earthquakes and an incurable, deadly virus—Myrikal could be the hero they’re waiting for.

Or… she could be the perfect assassin heir to her father’s business.

Can Branch, her only friend, convince her that her dad is wrong? That there really are good people left in the world?

Will Myrikal choose to be the Superhero Branch thinks she is or will she turn to the life of the invincible assassin her dad has trained her to be?

~AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Holli Anderson~

1) What gave you the inspiration for the storyline?

I saw a video of a young woman testifying before Congress. She’d been an abortion survivor. Yes, you heard that correctly. She lived through a saline abortion attempt, was born 2 months early – her skin burned by the saline  she was put into foster care, and grew up to be this amazing woman. I believe her name is Gianna Jesson.

After reading the first few chapters of Myrikal, you’ll see the connection.

2) Are there any hidden themes in the book that you hope readers will discover?

Not so much hidden, but there is a theme that popped up as I wrote it, and that is that life is precious and there are good people out there—don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

3) Are any of the characters based on real people you know?

Not intentionally. I think we all pull personality traits from those around us, but in this instance, there isn’t a character based solely on any one person.

4) Who has influenced you most as a writer?

My editors! Haha! But for real, I love the editing process that makes my books shine. Other writers that have influenced my writing range from Beverly Cleary to Brandon Sanderson, Jim Butcher, Larry Correa, J.K. Rowling, and Stephen King.

The most influence, however, just comes from observing everyday life. There are story ideas everywhere I look. Like the concept of this book coming from watching a video on FaceBook, I’m always observing and letting my mind run wild.  

5) If you could have any three literary characters over to your place for game night, who would you invite, what would you play, what would you serve, and why?  

This is a hard one! I love so many characters!

Luna Lovegood, Harry Dresden, and Legolas.

I think we’d have to play some version of D&D with a crew like that – a Witch, a Wizard, and an Elf.

I would make it a potluck dinner—can you imagine what kind of food those characters would bring? Luna would make something out of dirigible plums, Harry would stop and get day old donuts, and Legolas would bring some exotic Elvin fruit. I’d barbecue hamburgers (and have garden burgers available, just in case).

6) Do you feel that you can ever have too many books?

No!!  Just ask my husband how I feel about that. Bookstores love me.


Holli Anderson has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing — which has nothing to do with writing, except maybe by adding some pretty descriptive injury and vomit scenes to her books. She discovered her joy of writing during a very trying period in her life when escaping into 
make-believe saved her. She enjoys reading any book she gets her hands on, but has a particular love for anything fantasy. Along with her husband, Steve, and their four sons, she lives in Grantsville, Utah — the same small town in which she grew up.