Wednesday, May 5, 2021

BOOK SALE on "Man Down (Rookie Rebels, #3)" by Kate Meader

 First time on sale! 
MAN DOWN (Rookie Rebels, #3),
a standalone sports romance from Kate Meader 
is 99¢ for this week only!

I’ve been texting the wife I lost, the woman I loved beyond measure... 
Now someone else has answered back.  

Gunnar Bond is broken.

Three years ago, he lived through the car crash that took his wife and twins away from him—though “lived” barely describes his current state. Giving up professional hockey, going off grid, and drinking himself into oblivion are his coping mechanisms. Another is texting his dead wife about his days without her. Therapeutic? Doubtful. Crazy? Definitely. But those messages into the ether are virtually the only thing stopping him from spiraling to even darker places.    

Until someone texts back...

Sadie Yates is losing it.

Suddenly guardian to a little sister she doesn’t know and a misbehaving hound she’d rather not know at all, she’s had to upend her (sort of) glamorous life in LA and move back to Chicago. The nanny has quit, the money’s running out, and her job is on the line. The last thing she needs is her sister’s hockey camp counselor, a judgmental Viking type, telling her she sucks at this parenting lark. Thank the goddess for her sweet, sensitive, and—fingers crossed—sexy text buddy who always knows the right thing to say. In the same city at last, they can finally see if their online chemistry is mirrored in real life. She just needs to set up a meeting …

A ruined man who claims to have used up all his love is surely a bad bet, but Sadie’s never been afraid of a challenge … even one that might shatter her heart into a million pieces.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

BOOK REVIEW for "Otterly Irresistible (Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild, #1)" by Erin Nicholas

Otterly Irresistible
(Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild, #1)

by Erin Nicholas

What happens when a smoking hot, but grouchy vet meets a sunny and sassy optimist? An opposites attract, grumpy boss, small town romance that's otterly irresistible.

Broody wildlife veterinarian Griffin Foster is done. Done trying to save the world. Done getting attached. He’s been fired twice for standing his ground and now he’s going to be content — by God — in small-town Louisiana, in a small veterinary practice, where there will only be small problems.  

Quiet and boring, though? Um, no. He’s been adopted by a loud, crazy Cajun family with a tiny petting zoo for him to care for. Hey, it’s not endangered tigers at a nationally renowned zoo, but a family of otters — and all the gumbo he can eat — isn’t a bad deal.  

Until she shows up. Again.  

The sunny, gorgeous optimist who stole his heart — and his favorite shirt — two months ago. Who clearly hasn’t heard the word “no” enough in her life. And who is the first woman to put even a tiny crack in his don’t-get-attached wall.

Charlotte “Charlie” Landry is the new marketing consultant for the family swamp-boat tour company and petting zoo. It might not have been her plan, but she is all in, ready to grow the business. Whether the hot, grumpy vet likes it or not.  

He doesn’t.  

Worse, sparring with his unforgettable one-night stand is more fun than he’s had in a long time.  

But watching wears-designer-dresses Charlie find her dream job amongst a bunch of goats, alpacas, and otters is a surprise.  

And her helping him find his passion again is... well, irresistible. 


~ BOOK REVIEW for Otterly Irresistible ~

****(4) out of 5 Stars

This book was utterly delightful (or "otterly" if one is so inclined!)!  It was a rather surprising to learn of this whole previously-undisclosed section of the Landry family tree.  But it was definitely a pleasant surprise!  Being able to go back to Autre and visit more with this crazy Cajun family was definitely time well spent.  

Charlie herself was such a joy!  Which is not entirely unexpected, given that she is the Sunshine to Griffin's Grump (or Beauty to his Beat, as it were).  A little over-the-top exuberant at times, she is nonetheless a good person, one that you find yourself rooting for from the get-go, and definitely a much needed breath of fresh air compared to Griffin and his sullen ways.  Honestly, he's lucky she didn't drop-kick him a couple of times, given the way he behaves toward her upon occasion.  But all of his standoffishness and cranky demeanor are mostly just protections for his bruised and battered heart and psyche.  Thank goodness none of the Landry clan, least of all Charlie, allow him to keep himself apart from them for long.  

Of course, all of the four-legged minor characters just about steal the show for any scene they enter, which makes reading about all of them twice as delightful.

My understanding is that this is the first of a new six-book series, itself a spin-off of the original Boys of the Bayou series.  And I absolutely cannot wait to read the next addition, as well as every one after that!

I received a free eBook copy of this title from Social Butterfly PR, 

and have willingly provided an honest review.

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Friday, April 9, 2021


Author Kennedy Ryan announces an all-new deal with
the Traveling Picture Show Company! 

The company will develop the Hoop series and All The King’s Men series into two limited-run series for television. These series include six novels: Long Shot, Block Shot, Hoop Shot, The Kingmaker, Rebel King and Queen Move.

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Sunday, April 4, 2021

BOOK REVIEW for "Rough (Wolf Ranch, #1)" by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale

Wolf Ranch, #1
by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale

Pack Rule #1: Never reveal to a human.

I broke that rule the day I met the beautiful doctor.
I might be a rodeo champ, but she made me lose my concentration on the back of a bull.
Now the sweet female is on to me since being gored means injury.
When I heal within hours, she knows something’s not right.
My alpha told me to watch her.
Not a problem. I’ll watch her all right. Real close.
I’ll stick to her like superglue. And those human men who want to date her? 
They’d better step back.
Because the doctor is all mine.
Whether she knows it yet or not.

~ BOOK REVIEW for Rough ~

****(4) out of 5 Stars

Although this is the first book of the Wolf Ranch series, it is actually the fourth one that I've read.  It was a little strange going over "old" territory, as much of the happenings of this volume have already been mentioned in others.  But it did add a lot of detail to the story of Audrey and Boyd.

Things with these two are hot right off the bat.  Although Boyd getting severely injured at the rodeo  in front of Audrey and tons of other people  does put quite a crimp in things for them.  And not just as far as them getting together.  It also threatens to expose Boyd as a shifter.  Something which can't be allowed.  So Boyd is instructed to keep a close eye on Audrey, which he is only too happy to do.  Unfortunately, he doesn't ever really come clean to her about things.  And so a malicious outside force is able to use that to their advantage, causing a seemingly insurmountable rift between the two of them.  They also both come with quite a bit of their own baggage, which makes the good thing that they've found harder for either of them to accept as well.  

I really did not like Boyd's older brother Rob at the beginning, at least not the first impressions that we are given of him from Boyd's rather stilted perspective.  But as the story progresses, we begin to see more of his positive traits, and eventually get to view him as a loving brother just trying his best to look out for his family.  Most of the other minor characters added quite a bit to the read, especially given what minor rolls most of them played in the overall story.  The other ranch-hands were enjoyable to learn about, and Audrey's little sister (although she got very little screentime) was a hoot.  I could totally see this little mama bear kicking Boyd's butt for hurting her sister.  

This was a good read, romantic, endearing, fun-loving, and spicy  much like Boyd and Audrey's relationship overall!

Friday, April 2, 2021

BOOK SALE for "Luca's Lessons" by Deana Birch & Amelia Foster


Luca's Lessons
by Deana Birch & Amelia Foster

Luca's Lessons is on sale for a limited time!
Grab it now for only 99¢!

An Italian Dom guides a Swiss banker through the world of BDSM and she threatens his most important rule.

Sparked by curiosity and drawn by need, Swiss banker Claire asks Italian businessman Luca to introduce her to the D/s lifestyle. He agrees, as long as she abides by his number one rule of not falling in love. The two then embark on a slow, complete and realistic path of liberating Claire's true submissive nature.

But as their lessons progress, blurred lines morph into a child's scribbled drawing when feelings creep into their playtime. And with new emotions bubbling under the surface, Luca questions Claire's hard no. She calls "red" and walks away, leaving the Dom sure he's lost the one sub who finally saw his true desire to be cared for.

Now, certain she's broken his only rule and torn by thoughts of betraying her dead husband, Claire must decide between exploring the love she's found or locking away her heart with the ghosts of her past.


Thursday, April 1, 2021

BOOK BLITZ for "Enemies with Benefits" by Roxie Noir in AUDIO!

 ★  ★  ★ NOW IN AUDIO!  ★  ★  ★

I don’t love him. I don’t even like him.

I just want him.

Enemies with Benefits

(Loveless Brothers, #1)

a hilarious romantic comedy from Roxie Noir

is now available in AUDIO

narrated by Tor Thom and Monica King

Start listening today! 

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Read the ebook FREE→ 

Eli Loveless was my nemesis from the first day of kindergarten until we graduated high school. Everything I did, he had to do better - and vice versa. The day he left town was the best day of my life.

Ten years later, the day he came back was the worst.

Now he’s my co-worker.

Grown-up Eli Loveless is sexy as sin. He’s hotter than asphalt in the summer. The irritating kid I once knew is gone, and he’s been replaced by a man with green eyes, perfect abs, and a cocky smile.

It’s bad that I want him.

It’s worse that he wants me back.

There are looks. There are smirks. There are smiles that make my panties burst into flame.

And then there’s a shared kiss that leads to the hottest night of my life.

This is no office romance. This is a five-alarm fire.

What’s a girl to do when the man I can’t stand is the one I can’t stop lusting after?

Enter into a friends-with-benefits agreement, of course.

No dates. No relationship. Just blisteringly hot sex, because if there’s one person I could never fall for, it’s Eli.