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BLOG TOUR & AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Jamie Zakian for "Project Emergence"

Author: Jamie Zakian
Pub. Date: March 14, 2017
Publisher: Month9Books
Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 292
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An ancient Hopi myth says people arrived on tiny silver pods that fell from the sky.

But the truth is far more terrifying.

Two-hundred fifty-eight teens are sent from a dying Earth to a terraformed Mars as part of the Emergence Program, mankind’s last hope before solar flares finish off their planet and species. Among the brave pioneers are sixteen-year-old Joey Westen and her twin brother, Jesse.

After only minutes in space, something triggers a total ship lock down.

With the help of their roommates, the Matsuda twins (notorious hackers and shady secret-keepers), Joey and Jesse stumble onto an extremist plot to sabotage the Emergence Program.

But Joey and Jesse didn’t travel to the deepest pits of space and leave their mother behind to be picked off in a high-tech tin can. They’ll lie, hack, ​and ​even kill to survive the voyage and make it to Mars.

~AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Jamie Zakian~

1) What gave you the inspiration for the storyline? 

Back in 2014, there was a lot of hubbub about Mars. NASA had made some incredible finds with their rover, and scientists speculated it may be possible to terra form the planet sometime in the future. Hearing that made me want to set a novel on a terra formed Mars, so I started writing.

2) Are there any hidden themes in the book that you hope readers will discover?

What I hope readers take away from this story is how the power of friendship can overcome an evil.

3) Are any of the characters based on real people you know?

Yes, actually. The character of Captain Sabrina Stone is based on my mother. Sabrina's tough, hardcore, compassionate, yet doesn't allow emotions to sway her belief in what's right, just like my mother had been.

4) Who has influenced you most as a writer?

The greatest sci-fi writer of all time, Robert A. Heinlein, has been a major influence to me as a writer. The first time I read Podkayne Of Mars, my mind blew. The worlds he created were so immersive, his stories so thrilling. It made me want to create my own worlds.

5) If you could have any three literary characters over to your place for game night, who would you invite, what would you play, what would you serve, and why?

A game night/dinner party at my house consists of pizza, beer, and poker. For this, I’d invite Lestat from Interview With The Vampire so I could stare into his haunting eyes all night, Marvel’s Deadpool for his witty conversation, and Rhian from my critique partner’s WIP (she’s an otherworldly assassin of supernatural beings) just in case my other guests got squirrely. 

About Jamie: 

Jamie Zakian is a full-time writer who consumes the written word as equally as oxygen. Living in South Jersey with her husband and rowdy family, she enjoys farming, archery, and blazing new trails on her 4wd quad, when not writing of course. She aspires to one day write at least one novel in every genre of fiction.

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