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BOOK TOUR for "Son of a Kitchen Witch" by Tim Hemlin

As if being a high school student isn't already hard enough, Bobby Hawthorne and his best friend, Angelina Dellapicallo, struggle to understand the emerging secrets of witchcraft and magic - secrets strictly guarded by Bobby's overprotective mother and her friends. The unexpected appearance of his spirited grandfather, though, sets in motion a series of events that sweep the young teens down a dangerous path, one inhabited by an ancient evil that threatens not only Bobby and Angelina but their whole community of witches as well. Pixies can't stop the hellhounds... but they have sounded the alarm... and the magic users must respond...

RJ Reviews - "This is a great, fun read that puts a very American spin on the story of witches living among us in the real world, blending Texan culture and Native American mythology together into something unique and enjoyable. If you're a fan of fast-paced, YA stories, then you need to give Son of a Kitchen Witch a read!

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Tim Hemlin has taught middle school English Language Arts in the Houston area for over 20 years and now puts his master’s degree in counseling to work as a high school counselor in the Fort Bend Independent School District. Besides running marathons, Hemlin enjoys cheering on his favorite sports teams—the Patriots, the Red Sox and the Cowboys. He currently lives with his family outside Houston, Texas.

Son of a Kitchen Witch is Hemlin’s seventh full-length novel and is informed by the decades he has spent as an educator in Houston-area public schools. Set in suburban-Houston, Son of a Kitchen Witch is a fast-paced urban fantasy about the teenage son of a witch and how he navigates the perilous terrain of young love, high school drama, and being hunted by a pack of hellhounds.

Tim Hemlin’s other works include the Houston-based Neil Marshall Mystery series and “The Wastelanders,” a dystopian-clifi novel about a futuristic world devoid of water.

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Character Casting

1.      Bobbie Hawthorne—the main character, is a junior in high school, tall, with a runner’s build, light hair and light eyes. He's smart, a bit rebellious, has his own GarageBand, called Ravenwood, and is positive he has none of his mother’s powers. Jacob Lofland:
2.       Angelina Dellapicallo—also a junior, Angelina is Bobby’s girlfriend. She is also tall and thin, but with w/raven black hair and dark brown eyes.  Angelina is spunky, clever and loves to run. Her father has custody because her mother abandoned them, so she has some emotional/anger issues. She's an over achiever and a member (guitar player) in Bobbi's band, Ravenwood.
3.      Olivia Hawthorne—looks 40ish in human years, with blonde hair, blue eyes, short, and 'energizer bunny' vigor as Bobbie thinks of her. She's a bit overprotective since the death of Bobby’s father when Bobbie was in 3rd grade. She is a talented chef and owns her own restaurant, Hawthorne’s.
  1. Pappy—Bobby's grandfather, is a focused, very powerful, strong-willed witch, who's made it his personal mission to stop The Blackburns.
  1. Crystal—is strikingly beautiful, bright green eyes, runs a new age store and is a good friend of Olivia. Bobbie has a bit of a crush on her.
  1. Skip Macintosh—also called The Bad Apple by Bobbie and Angelina, is a sleazy, questionable character who wants to invest Olivia's restaurant. Danny Devito:
  2. Barbara FairchildSkip's secretary, nervous, outwardly awkward and seemingly ordinary, but manipulative and power hungry.
  1. Cash—A true red-neck witch. He named himself after Johnny Cash. He runs a country western bar in Austin and he'd just as soon plug you as throw a spell your way.
  1. EarleneA cantankerous, but very powerful old witch who means well, and may or may not have a thing for Pappy: Maggie Smith:
  2. Cactus RosePappy's sister and just as powerful, but her path is very different path than her brother. Kathy Bates:
  3. Spirit on the Water—an old Native American, Shaman and a very close friend of Olivia’s: Graham Green:
  4. Silas Blackburn—The leader and original witch Hunter. He started out thinking the cause was holy, but has become the embodiment of evil.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Just as I felt myself let go and the floor come rushing up toward me, a skiff made of books swept in and Angelina and I were suddenly sailing back through time. No, not time. I realized that Esther had cast us from the shop and skipped us back through the portal like a flat rock across the smooth surface of a lake.

Angelina and I held on as we bounced from Seattle to San Francisco to L.A. to San Diego to Austin until finally we arrived back at home on Highway Six, two dazed kids surrounded by the wisdom of centuries, our ship of words now a pile of books beneath the mellow autumn moon.


 Cactus Rose began to rock back and forth in the chair. An icy wind swept through the house. Angelina grabbed onto me and held tight. The old woman let out a piercing shriek and levitated above the table. Angelina yelped and hid behind me. Cactus Rose looked like the jean-clad bones of a dead person trying to claw her way from the grave to heaven. Her face had turned skeletal. She had only a few wisps of hair. Her eye sockets were deep dark voids, wormholes straight from hell. She swiped a boney hand in my direction as if to rip open my chest and pull out my pounding heart.

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