Thursday, March 30, 2017

REVIEW of "Bloodthorn (Olive Kennedy, Fairy World M.D., #3)" by Tamara Grantham

***(3) out of 5 stars

Olive Kennedy doesn't believe in fairy tales.

In a desperate attempt to earn income, fairy world therapist Olive Kennedy resorts to finding clients at the Texas Renaissance Festival. When she discovers the corpse of her client's husband discarded in her booth, she realizes that earning her next paycheck is the least of her worries. Even worse, Olive learns the murderer may be a magical monster from the fairy realm. The fae and their escorts arrive from Faythander to aid in the investigation, but they do not travel alone. Olive must confront the one person she never wished to see again. Kull — her ex.

After months with no contact from Faythander, Olive hoped the magical drama was over. Yet it seems she'll never escape the beings who haunt her nightmares, or be free from the man who took away her happily ever after.


Once again, although I adore this series, I didn’t care too much for this particular volume.  Most of it entailed the continued breakup of Olive and Kull.  What was so hard to take at the end of the last book actually encapsulated about 99% of this work.  And not only did Olive end up having to work with Kull to resolve the storyline, she was also brought under the authority of her other ex, Brent, now a police officer investigating a murder she is caught up in.  It was all rather dreary and depressing and tiring. 

That being said, the basic plot of the story was good, with twists and turns, some you see coming and others that you don’t.  There is more explanation of the world of Faythander, a bit more about some of the players' past, and a look into the future, particularly in regards to the Deathbringer prophecy around Olive.  The writing was lovely, with the dialogue as sharp and witty as always, including interactions with some new characters that we are introduced to, including a couple of wingless fairy siblings. 

Once more, the ending is wrapped up by the brave action of Olive, but has unintended and unforeseen results.  There is a dark shadow over everything though, that she tells no one about, a fact that really bothers me.  Hopefully at some point in the future she will share this secret with her step-father Fan’twar or Kull or someone.  I can’t wait to read the next book and find out! 

I received a free eBook copy of "Bloodthorn" from the author 
and have willingly provided an honest review.  

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