Sunday, March 5, 2017

FREE eBook Alert -- "On a Red Horse (Revelations, #1)" by Monica Corwin

This Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance is currently FREE on Kindle!  
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I saw at night, and behold… a red horse…

Answering to self-absorbed warmongers in a trite internet call center, Scarlet is certain she would rather face the battlefields. However, it doesn’t escape her notice that War is all she was ever known. Horseman of the Apocalypse doesn't exactly build a well-rounded resume. Lonely and longing for the husband she was forced to leave behind, Scarlet painfully admits that life isn’t worth living… not without him…

From Hell to the Golden Throne, Tyr, god of justice, has hunted his wife across the realms. Unprepared to find her working as a phone operator, Tyr is certain of only one thing, Scarlet is no longer the woman he fell in love with and he is determined to bring that woman back to him… even if it takes the rest of eternity. 

But when a prophecy as old as the Horseman themselves begins to turn, Scarlet and her kin realize they must bear the defensive. Bound by her responsibly to guard the four seals that will unleash the Apocalypse, Scarlet struggles to overcome her mistakes, allow herself to love again, and return her seal to its rightful place… or risk a chain reaction that will force the Horsemen to take up their mantles and destroy the new lives they've worked so hard to build.

Can Scarlet learn how to enjoy living again with Tyr beside her? Or will she succumb to her mistakes and take the Horseman down with her?

ON A RED HORSE is an exciting first in a series from New York Times bestselling author Monica Corwin, if you like the work of Larissa Ione, Karen Marie Moning and Kresley Cole then you will love this first book to the REVELATIONS series!

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