Monday, April 30, 2018

BOOK REVIEW for "Always You (Dirtshine, #2)" by Roxie Noir

****(4) out of 5 Stars!

This could ruin everything.  
I was born broken, with a past full of ugly secrets and a brother doing life in prison. 
Not that you’d know it if you read the tabloids. According to them I’m the rock-solid guitarist for the biggest band in the world. I’m the dependable one. The steady one. The anchor. 
They don’t know the truth. No one knows who I am underneath, once the music is over and the lights are off.
No one but Darcy. 
She’s my best friend. She’s my f*cking savior, my light in the dark, beautiful as hell and talented as f*ck and every bit as broken as me. 
And I f*cking yearn for her. I have for years. I see the way she looks at me, what’s behind her eyes. 
I know what she thinks about alone, in the dark, because how could I not know. 
It’s getting worse. Every second, every heartbeat, every moment we spend together and every secret we share makes me want her more. Even though I know that one kiss could ruin everything we have, I need her. 
But to get her? I’ll risk everything I’ve got.
Always You is a completely standalone, full-length novel that's Book Two of the Dirtshine series. 


This second in the “Dirtshine” series certainly starts off with a bang, literally.  Unlike the previous book (which basically started with a former band member lighting things on fire), this one starts with one of the band members on fire.  That is definitely one way to get people’s attention!  The rest of the story mostly revolves around Darcy’s recovery, and Trent’s tending to her.  Although it’s really more about the way in which their relationship morphs from being the best friends that they are to becoming the couple that they both want to be but are afraid to attempt. 

There’s a lot of nitty-gritty stuff here about issues of abuse, drug addiction, and the like; although mostly in regards to other people around them, or from their own pasts instead of the present.  Both Darcy and Trent have major issues from their childhoods to overcome, and it takes an awful lot of time, some setbacks, and lots of work for them to do so.  But the end result is definitely worth it!

It’s enjoyable to see the little bit that we do of Gavin and Marisol in this tale, to learn how their relationship and story is progressing as well.  I didn’t find this volume quite as intriguing as the first one in the series, but it was very good nonetheless. 
I received an eBook copy of this title free from Xpresso Book Tours,
and have willingly provided an honest review. 

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