Sunday, February 12, 2017


Prior featured selection has been deleted at the author's request. 

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  1. Thanks for supporting my book during the Valentine Countdown Blitz! I loved it!

    However, a problem has come up (an error I made on some information---not your fault) that makes it necessary for me to ask all the bloggers---and all of you did an INCREDIBLY great job---to remove my book from your blogs.

    I truly hate to ask you to do this--I know how aggravating it is to do. But I thought it would be easier for you to simply delete the post than to ask you to try to make corrections.

    Could you delete the post for me, please? It’s the day 13 post (on Feb. 13—Valentine Countdown Blitz) about Heir of Deceit by Jan M. Martin. Could you drop me a one-word line and just say “done” or something like that when you do? That way I’ll know. My email is:

    Thanks so much!