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BOOK TOUR for "The Wood-Fairies of Estraelia (Sons of Elderberry, #2)" by Theresa Sneed

When Elias of Elderberry introduces his best friend Jaron Finley to his magical world of fairies and castles, wizards and yōkai shape-shifters, will Jaron ever want to go back to his dull world of school and homework, especially after meeting Elieli, the fairy princess of Estraelia? It’s doubtful, but he must — the mortal that he is. Will Elias have to alter his memory and erase all that his friend has seen, or will Jaron be able to keep the secret that Elias Rey — a sophomore at PVHS, is a wizard and the youngest heir of Elderberry?

Held captive by evil wraiths in the dungeons of Sirusas, Elias’s older brother Saulen struggles with remembering who he is. How will the sons of Elderberry battle the dark forces of sorcery and rescue him?

And finally, when Adalee trips and falls by a nest abandoned from a Swypht Dragon of Ural, she takes an egg, knowing it has little chance to survive on its own. How will she keep it hidden in the non-dragon fairy kingdom of Estraelia? And why should she?


Author Theresa Sneed graduated cum laude with a BA in education, and though she loves teaching, she is currently taking a break from it to pursue a writing career. 

Her books are unique; each story will take you to places you have never imagined before.
She writes across four genres—mystery and suspense, fantasy, historical fiction/time travel, and realistic paranormal. All of Theresa’s books have elements of sweet romance, and while none of her books have profanity or sexually explicit scenes, each book is intriguing and white-knuckle intense—the kind you can’t put down.

The No Angel series is the story about a guardian angel with an attitude, and the ever present, but misunderstood spirit world.  There are four published books in the series with many more to come. Book one is called Angel with an Attitude, book two – Earthbound Angel, book three – Destiny’s Angel, and book four – Earth Angel.

The Sons of Elderberry series has two books out called Elias of Elderberry, and The Wood Fairies of Estraelia.
Harry-Potterish — with wizards, fairies, elves, pixies, yōkai shapeshifters, and dragons, this book has it all! Theresa anticipates another three to five books to finish that series.    

Escape is the story of a 15-year-old girl abducted by a corrupt sheriff in the 70’s. He keeps her captive in his cellar for five years until she escapes with his truck
and his young daughter. Escape is book one in a three book series.

Salem Witch Haunt was intended to be a stand-alone book, until the shocking ending made it apparent that her characters were not finished telling their story. As the ninth great granddaughter of one of the women hanged as a witch in Salem, Theresa has a vested interest in this epic time-travel. Thoroughly researched, all interactions with real people from that era are based on primary sources—the trial scene with Susannah Martin is taken from Reverend Samuel Parris’s transcript verbatim. 

All of Theresa Sneed’s books may be purchased through Amazon or links on her website at She loves hearing from her readers and may be contacted through her website or through her email at

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Character Casting

Emma Watson! She would be the perfect Elieli, fairy princess of Estraelia and Chris Pratt for anything he’d want to be! Elias is in highschool, maybe Chris has a younger brother? Hahaha!


From chapter twenty-one:

Gifts of the Sanction

The brilliant energy that had burst into the castle through the 6th Tower receded, the rumbling stopped, and the six moons returned to their rightful places in the heavens. Elieli was in shock. “I … this is only the second Sanction that I’ve watched from here, but I don’t remember it doing that — the loud rumbling, especially.”
      “That was freaky!” Jaron said. “Can I look through the stone now?”
      She shrugged. “It doesn’t matter … it’s over.”
      “Is Thorne, okay?” Samuel said concerned.
      “I don’t know.” She handed his stone back to him.
      “Wow!” Jaron held the stone to his eyes. “That’s so epic!”
      “What?”  Elieli said, fumbling with her stone. She gasped when she saw what Jaron was looking at. From the 6th Tower, Sigmund and the members of the Order emerged to Estraelia. “Oh, my gosh!” she said breathlessly. “I didn’t know you could see emergings through seer stones! It’s so beautiful!” Their bodies shimmered in hazy blues and greens, though their faces were blurry and distorted, as they passed directly over them on their way to Estraelia. “Come on!” Elieli called, pulling on Jaron’s arm. “Let’s go!”

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