Sunday, February 12, 2017

FREE e-Book Alert -- Dragon Reads for Valentine's!

 You can currently get 

"Fantastic Creatures (Fellowship of Fantasy, #1)"

 FREE HERE on Amazon.

You’ll discover Fire Fairies, Shape Shifters, and even a Great Wyrm…  Oh, my! 
Twenty authors have banded together to take you on the adventures of a lifetime 
in realms you’ve never dreamed of visiting.

Each story focuses around a fantastic creature from folklore or mythology, and they range from light and playful tales for the whole family to darker stories that may make you wish to leave the lights on. These stories carry the Fellowship of Fantasy seal of approval: while their monsters may be horrifying, you won’t stumble into questionable content.

And by clicking HERE you can visit Peggy M McAltoon's webpage 
where you can enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

Then head over to Kandi J Wyatt's page HERE
and enter to win the I-Heart-Dragons eBook Giveaway!

Whether fire-breathing or water-dwelling, winged or serpentine, dragons capture our imagination and take us to fantastic new worlds. Nineteen dragon writers have gathered together to offer a collection worth sinking your teeth into. They’ve got dragons of all sizes, from friendly to fierce and everything in between. These books are all up for grabs in the giveaway, along with a dragon journal. 

Fellowship of Fantasy’s Valentine’s Day Sale

They also have a number of books available for 99¢ or FREE.

(I'm not sure if these are all the same offerings or different ones,
but they are definitely worth checking out!)

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