Monday, February 13, 2017

REVIEW of "Push (Beat, #2)" by Jared Nathan Garrett

****(4) out of 5 stars!

This is one of those rare instances when I enjoyed 
the sequel more than the original!* 

The action starts out right away, and I mean right away 
– the very first word of the book is “Run!” –
 and it doesn’t let up from there. 

Two months after the attack on New Frisko, Nik Granger and the other survivors believe themselves hidden from the tyrannical rule of Prime Administrator Adam Holland. After finishing a patrol, Nik returns to camp to discover everyone was wrong. Holland and his Enforsers have killed or captured most of the survivors—including Nik’s parents.

Barely escaping with their lives, Nik and his friends Pol and Melisa race to stop Holland before he murders their friends and family. As they travel through what’s left of America, they face danger at every turn, including Ranjers who will stop at nothing to carry out Holland’s sadistic orders. With the world against them, can they make it in time to save what’s left of humanity? And when it comes to it, will Nik have what it takes to destroy Holland once and for all?

Much of the book finds the main characters alternatively hiding from and pursuing the Prime Administrator and his vast array of lackeys.  As they travel through the events and places of the narrative, they learn additional information about their world and how it came to be as it is.  (Although there was not nearly as much explanation as I would have liked.)  More importantly though, Nik and the others begin to learn more about themselves and each other.  The entire experience proves quite the journey for all of them. 

While I once again had difficulty believing that this group of teenagers was able to fight the establishment as well as they did, I was nonetheless drawn into their tale enough that I willingly suspended much of that disbelief in order to just enjoy their endeavors.  And they did have a lot of creativity and ingenuity on their side, compared to staunch adherence to rules and procedures on the part of the Enforsers and other of Holland’s henchmen.    

Ultimately, Nik and his companions are, of course, let to a final confrontation with the Prime Administrator.  Without giving away the somewhat surprising ending, I will say that it definitely seemed like a final and satisfying conclusion to the story, although there is still room for additional storylines to be pursued, if the author so chooses.

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*Reviewer's Note: I gave "Beat" a 5-star review because I found the basic concept unique and the world-building superb.  "Push" I awarded only a 4-star review because I felt there were more areas that could have been made better and further explored.  Still, despite the seeming disparity, I did find "Push" to be an even more fun tale to read than the original novel in the series.

I received a copy of this title free from the author in exchange for Beta-reading it,
and have willingly provided an honest review.  

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