Wednesday, April 19, 2017

BOOK BLITZ for "Forgotten (The Deception Game, #2)" by Kristin Smith

(The Deception Game, #2)
by Kristin Smith
Published by: Clean Teen Publishing
Publication date: April 25th, 2017
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
The epic tale of Sienna Preston continues in this second installment of the exhilarating Deception Game series. 
Seventeen-year-old Sienna is no stranger to heartache and loss. But this time, it’s different; someone ― or something ― has tampered with a loved one’s memories, and she’s determined to get answers. 
The trail leads her to the glittering skyscrapers and modern luxuries of Rubex, the Capital of Pacifica, where she infiltrates the government’s Agency for Intelligence and Genetics. But answers are not always easy to come by, especially when her own memories may have been altered. Luckily, Zane Ryder is there to help her put the pieces back together, his devotion and concern muddying the waters between friendship and something more. 
When Sienna gets too close to uncovering dark Agency secrets, she’s framed for the murder of a prominent government official, sending her on the run. Sienna’s heart may be torn about who she loves, but none of that really matters anymore ― because the only thing that awaits her now is a death sentence.

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Zane parks his Aria on the lake side of the dam, and we both climb out.

Bring back memories? Zane asks with a wry grin.

How you thought I was trying to kill myself? Again? I laugh. I dont know why you thought I was so suicidal.

Zane shrugs. Maybe I didnt. Maybe I just wanted an excuse to rescue you.

My heart trips over itself. Zane, I say softly, you cant keep saying things like that.

He moves around the side of the car. Why not? When he takes my hand in his, the warmth of his fingers heats up my whole body.

This isnt a good idea, I mutter, but I make no move to extract my hand from his.

He looks down at me, then at our entwined fingers. But what if it is? What if its the best idea in the whole damn world?

Becausebecause youre engaged. To someone else.

But I dont want to be, he says, his voice low. He takes a step closer until hes so close that I could wrap my arm around his back if I wanted to.

Zane, I warn, but the warning gets caught in my throat. Hes giving me that look. The same one he gave me before he kissed me that first time on the couch in his house.

What? he whispers.

Please, dont—” But hes already leaning down, his eyes focused on my mouth. My breath comes out shaky as his fingers slip from mine and his hands touch my waist, gently bringing me closer. Before I can stop myself, our lips meet, and a thousand nerve endings converge to a single spot. His lips are fire and warmth and need. And that single spark ignites an already-smoldering flame.

Author Bio:
Kristin Smith writes young adult contemporary and science fiction novels. When she’s not writing, you can find her dreaming about the beach, beating her boys at Just Dance, or belting out karaoke (from the comfort of her own home). Kristin currently resides in the middle-of-nowhere North Carolina with her husband and five incredibly loud but extremely cute boys. To read more about her obsession with YA novels or her addiction to chocolate, you can visit her at 


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