Thursday, January 19, 2017

FREE eBook Alert thru Sun Jan 22nd -- "Fire Sorcerer (The Sentinels, #1)" by David J. Normoyle

My name is Rune, and if I've learned one thing, it's not to play with fire. 
Magical or otherwise.

The first time I used my power, I ended up burning down a mansion. The second time, an inter-dimensional elemental possessed my friend Jo. Now, with a sorcerer and a gang of werebeasts helping the elemental which is consuming Jo's soul, I'll have to use my magic once more.
Third time's the charm, right?

Fire Sorcerer is the first book in The Sentinels, a thrilling new urban fantasy series. Mixing mystery, magic, humor, and heart-pounding action, it's sure to delight fans of The Dresden Files and The Iron Druid Chronicles who may just find a new favorite hero in Rune Russell.

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(thru Sunday, January 22nd, 2017)!

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