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BLOG TOUR & BOOK REVIEW for "Stolen Goods (To Catch a Thief, #2)" by Kay Marie

Stolen Goods (To Catch a Thief, #2)

by Kay Marie
Publication Date: January 7, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Catch Me If You Can meets Tangled in this funny and feel-good adventurous romance, new from bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis, writing as Kay Marie.

Addison Abbot is a dreamer — she dreams of owning her own cake shop, of traveling the world, of finding Prince Charming. But when it comes to actually following any of those dreams, she's a little, well, stuck. So when a devilishly handsome stranger saves her from two robbers with guns and pulls her into the adventure of a lifetime, she's determined to find her fairytale ending — until she realizes he's the most wanted criminal in America, that is.

Thaddeus Ryder was just another run-of-the-mill international art thief until his latest heist went south. Now, his face is on every news station, his name is making headlines, and his partner is working for the feds. Talk about a bad week on the job. His only option is to flee the country. But when hitmen for the Russian mafia interrupt his getaway, Thad gains an accidental companion — a baking beauty who might be too tempting to resist.

When a good girl meets a bad boy, sparks are bound to fly. But this con man is about to discover the only thing he can't steal is her heart...

**To Catch a Thief is a romantic comedy series that's one part humorous and one part heartfelt, with a dash of adventure, a hint of criminal activity, and a whole heap of fun! Each book is a stand-alone romance with a HEA.

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All the locks in the car slid into place.
All the missing pieces did too.
“Oh my God!” Addy shouted, whipping her head to the side, meeting those steely eyes, sharp and cunning. No wonder he looked so familiar! He was on the cover of the magazine sitting on her nightstand back home. His face had been on the news every single night for a week—not that she watched the news, but she usually caught the last five or so minutes before the show she actually wanted to watch came on. Maybe I should have been watching the news. Maybe if I had, I would have recognized the most wanted criminal in America! Maybe I would have done the smart thing, like, I don’t know, running away and calling the police instead of falling at his feet and drooling over his smile! Gah! “You’re Thaddeus Ryder!”
“The one and only,” he mused, edge of his lip quirking with a smile, no shame whatsoever evident in his expression.
“Oh my God, those men weren’t trying to kill me—they were trying to kill you!”
He wrinkled his nose with thinly veiled judgment. “Honestly, I’m a little surprised it took you this long to realize that. Unless the world of wedding cake design is a lot more cutthroat than I ever realized.”
“You have no idea,” she commented darkly, and then jolted, looking around at the leather dashboard, the bullet hole in the windshield, the black paint on the hood. She gasped. “Your car didn’t break down!”
“I bet this isn’t even your car.”
He didn’t respond.
“Is it stolen?”
Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.
I’m aiding and abetting a known fugitive.
Oh my God!
“I demand you let me out of the car at once!” Addy exclaimed, her voice as rigid and severe as she could possibly make it.
“I’m afraid that’s not going to happen,” he replied smoothly, all confidence and control.
“But— But—” That always works in the movies. “But I demand it!”
“And your demand is adorable, really, but it’s not going to happen. I didn’t mean to get you involved, but you are. You’re in this, whether you want to be or not.”
“In what?” Her voice was small, unsure.
He glanced at her, something soft and almost pained in his gaze. Then he looked forward and tightened his grip on the steering wheel, staring out the window with new resolve. “In this car, with me, until I say otherwise.”
I don’t think so. “I’ll call the police.”
“I have your phone.”
“I’ll scream.”
“Please don’t. I’m pretty sure no one but me will hear you, and my eardrums can’t take any more.”
“I’ll— I’ll—” Addy searched around for some sort of ammunition. Her hand went to the door handle and tugged on it uselessly.
“It’s locked, remember? And even if it weren’t, I wouldn’t recommend that route, just based on my own personal experience. Jumping out of a car going upwards of sixty miles an hour hurts like hell.”
She folded her fingers into her palm and pulled her hand back slightly, then spun, lunging for the wheel. He caught her with his forearm and pushed her back against the seat, locked in place. Addy punched and kicked, but he didn’t budge.
“I’m not going to hurt you, I swear. If I wanted to do that, I would’ve left you back there on your own. I wouldn’t have taken you with me.” He released her and ran his hand through his hair, ruffling those dark, wavy locks in a way that was frustratingly attractive. “This is all a big mistake. I just need to make sure it’s safe before I let you go.”
“Why should I believe you?”
He winced. “Because I have no reason to lie.”
Addy snorted with disbelief before she could stop it—uncaring for once in her life that the gesture was incredibly unladylike. “You’re a criminal. And a thief. And a con. And all you’ve done tonight is lie!”
“True,” he stated slowly, meeting her eyes with a smile. “But wasn’t it exciting?”


****(5) out of 5 Stars!

This book was even more delightful than the prior one in the series!  Once again it mixes just the right amount of danger and suspense with humor and romance to create the perfect blend for a reading delight!   
The male lead in this episode is Thad, the childhood like-a-brother friend and more recently crime cohort of Jo from the first book.  He's currently on the run from the FBI, as well as Russian mobsters.  So things do tend to be a little exciting when he's around, what with bullets flying and whatnot.  Of course, he's pretty interesting in his own right, at least as far as Addy is concerned.  

Addy is the female lead in this little adventure.  She is gullible, naive, overly dramatic, and just as sweet as the masterpiece cakes she loves to create.  She's also rather easily upset, a horrible liar and actor, and fairly inept at all things stealthy and criminal.   

The two are accidentally thrown together when Thad attempts to use Addy as an intermediary to contact Jo without the Feds finding out.  Of course, the Russians are way ahead of him and attempt to kill or capture them both, giving Thad no alternative but to run... and take Addy with him.    

The little bit of patience [Jo] possessed had clearly worn thin.  "What are you not telling me?"
Hmm... where to begin?
[Thad] decided to start on the path of least resistance.  "I accidentally kidnapped your friend."
"You what?"

"Addy!" Jo exclaimed, sounding exactly the way Addy always imagined she would... "Are you all right?... Of course you're not all right!  But you will be.  I promise.  Thad will take good care of you.  He's not as much of an idiot as he seems, and he's nothing like the man the news is trying to portray.  He's protective and caring.  And, well, he knows I'll hunt him down and murder him if anything happens to you, so there's that too."

As time passes, the two get to know one another, and start to grow close.  A cross-country trek, while on the run from both cops and robbers, with some strategic tourist stops along the way, only highlights the physical attraction that they have for one another, as well as the emotional bonds that they are forging.  

Thad is still determined, however, to flee across the southern border into Mexico, hoping to avoid a life-long prison sentence from the FBI or a death sentence from the mobsters.  And things certainly get real fast when the players all finally come together at once.

I am totally enjoying this trilogy and can't wait to read the final installment!  I hope we have more future glimpses of all these characters within those pages.

I received a free eBook copy of this title from the author, 
and have willingly provided an honest review.
To celebrate the release of "Stolen Goods,"
Book #1 in the series, "Hot Pursuit," 
is currently only 99¢!

Hot Pursuit (To Catch a Thief, #1)
 by Kay Marie


Don't miss this laugh-out-loud, enemies-to-lovers romance that's How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days meets White Collar with a dash of The Thomas Crown Affair thrown in!

All Jolene Carter has ever wanted is a bakery of her own. There's only one problem. Her father, Robert Carter, is a world-renowned art thief and she's, well, sort of his protégé. But he's promised her this next job in New York will be their last, and she won't let anyone get in the way of her dreams... especially not the distractingly delicious FBI agent hot on her tail.

Agent Nate Parker has been on the Robert Carter case for years, and if rumors of the aging criminal's retirement are true, this might be his last chance to nail him. With the legacy of his late father in the back of his mind, the stakes are more personal than anyone realizes. He won't let anything stand in the way of justice... especially not the red-headed vixen who keeps giving him the slip.

He's a cop who'd never bend. She's a con who'll never break. But all's fair in love and larceny...

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Kaitlyn Davis, a bestselling author with over a quarter of a million books sold, writes young adult fantasy novels under the name Kaitlyn Davis and contemporary romance novels under the name Kay Marie. Publishers Weekly has said, “Davis writes with confidence and poise,” while USA Today has recommended her work as “must-read romance.” 
Always blessed with an overactive imagination, Kaitlyn has been writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and is overjoyed to share her work with the world. When she’s not daydreaming, typing stories, or getting lost in fictional worlds, Kaitlyn can be found playing fetch with her puppy, watching a little too much television, or spending time with her family. If you have any questions for her – about her books, about scheduling an event, or just in general – you may contact her at: 
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