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BOOK REVIEW for "Demon's Temptation (Knights of Hell, #3)" by Sherilee Gray

*****(5) out of 5 Stars!


Half demon and club owner Brent Silva lives and breathes control--in all things. He'll never give into the constant cravings of his incubus side again. Revenge against the ancient demon who almost broke him is all that matters. Until a captivating female, hell bent on pushing him to his limits, storms into his life and makes him hunger for so much more.

Waitress Chaya Westbrook is determined to join the war against the demons hunting her kind. And if her first assignment also helps her prove to her maddening boss that she's more than capable of giving him exactly what he needs, in and out of the bedroom, she's all for it.

But when the heat between them becomes impossible to resist, the dark secrets of Brent's past are revealed. Will the truth finally set him free or tear away the only female he's ever loved?


I enjoyed this story WAY more than I thought I would!  From their first interactions in "Knight's Redemption," it was totally obvious that there was something between Brent and Chaya.  So much heat!  But he kind of seemed like a jerk to her in that book, so I wasn't sure that I wanted her to get together with him even.  Turns out, he was just fighting his own demons, but the guy is totally in love with and devoted to her.  

Chaya, for her part, is SO over-the-top in-love with Brent that it is almost pathetic.  Pretty much everything she does is either to get his attention or try to get him out of her head.  Unfortunately, there are those in the story who would and do take advantage of this.  Luckily, Brent is there to save her on more than one occasion.  Plus, one specific encounter especially, not only draws them closer together, but sheds some light on some interesting areas as well.  

Just as in the first two books of this series, the primary focus throughout is on the two main players and they're developing relationship.  Unlike those, however, this episode deals only superficially with the Knights themselves.  There is quite a bit about the overall power struggle with the unknown evil they've all been faced with.  Some previously unknown players are brought in to play as well.  All of which could have made for a very busy and chaotic story.  But the author manages to keep everything in check and not let any of it get too out of hand or overwhelming.  And there is the definite feeling that eventually, once we know the whole story, all of the disparate goings on will tie together somehow.  

This story was unique also in that it features a female/male Dominant/submissive relationship.  While this did not at all surprise me about Chaya, it did totally blow me away about Brent.  I can honestly say that I did not see that coming... at all!  The realization that this is what each of them craves develops rather slowly, and the reader probably sees it before the characters themselves do.  But once they embrace it, the interplay really works for them as a couple and for each of them individually.  While this is not generally a dynamic that interests me, I found myself quite enjoying the interactions of Brent and Chaya.  Although I shouldn't be all that surprised, I think this author could make plain toast sexy.

As always, it was fun to see characters from prior books in the series make return performances.  I especially enjoyed Zenon in his newly embraced role of big brother (in-law) to Chaya.  And it was delightful to meet Grace.  I look forward to reading more about this demi ninja in future volumes, most likely alongside Chaos - or, more likely, at odds with him.  

This was another great addition to the series!  I'm glad the author took this little detour to allow these seemingly minor characters to have their time in the spotlight.  They definitely deserve it, and they certainly made good use of it.  
I received a free eBook copy of this title from the author, 
and have willingly provided an honest review.

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