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BLOG TOUR & AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Yumoyori Wilson for "Dark Wish"

Dark Wish
by Yumoyori Wilson
Publication date: September 8th, 2017
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
What do you get when you add free and dumb?

My name is Makoto Heart and I’ve always wished for a chance at freedom. Every day, I prayed before the Starlight gods, asking for their divine assistance in accomplishing such a difficult task. 
Being an experiment for as long as I can remember, my hopes of obtaining freedom have diminished, drastically. The disappointment haunted me, as myself and my spirits struggled to survive. I had no hope left, believing my final plea fell upon deaf ears, yet again. 
But what happens when my prayers are finally answered? I’m thrust into fulfilling a destiny, with the help of six star knights. Suddenly, I am no longer experiment 555, but the stolen princess of Heila. 
Freedom, how you have teased my troubled soul. May the Starlight gods guide me and my knights, on this path towards the unknown. 
~In Stars We Trust~ 
Dark Wish is an extraordinary new paranormal reverse harem series.
Recommended for 18+ audience, containing mature sexual content and strong language.

~AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Yumoyori Wilson~

1) What gave you the inspiration for the storyline?  

It's been a story I’ve been thinking about for a year. I didn’t really have any inspiration. It was a simple thought of writing about a girl who had a hard life but was given the opportunity to start anew.

2) Are there any hidden themes in the book that you hope readers will discover?

There’s a few hints and secrets that linger within the book. A few my readers have caught and have remembered when they’ve read book 2. I’m hoping with the third book they’ll finally see the string come together.

3) Are any of the characters based on real people you know?

Not in this series.

4) Who has influenced you most as a writer?

There were multiple people really. I never imagined myself being a writer. I was a nurse and was perfectly fine with my career choice. I think it was just seeing other authors achieving their goals and sharing their passion that pushed me. But, I guess the person who pushed me to become a write was my Mom after I shared my idea with her and started working on it.

5) If you could have any three literary characters over to your place for game night, who would you invite, what would you play, what would you serve, and why?  

Makoto Heart, Scarlet Sinclair and Cece Alexandra Rose. It would be monopoly and we’d serve alcohol because Makoto and Scarlet are hilarious drunks. Cece would just smile and take a video of everything that occured to tease them later.

6) Do you feel that you can ever have too many books?

What? LMFAO. Hell nah. One can never stop their imagination from flowing so you can never limit the amount of books you read in life. 

Author Bio:
Yumoyori Wilson is from Toronto, Ontario. She loves to sleep and write her days away. She works at night as a registered nurse. She has a little addiction to bubble tea and coffee but loves to workout. She has big plans for the writing world and can't wait to share them with everyone. 

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