Wednesday, May 17, 2017

BOOK REVIEW for "Look" by Jon Nielsen

***(3) out of 5 stars


Artie is a droid programmed to endlessly perform a single task left in a world abandoned by humans. He is starting to wonder what meaning his task has. But when he and his only friend, Owen, a robotic bird, cast aside the only lives they've ever known in search of a brighter future, they encounter others that want nothing but to hold tight to the past. Join Artie the Robot and Owen the Vulture for a light-hearted, sci-fi adventure as they journey far and wide for the answer to one of life's greatest questions: "Why are we here?"


This is a cute but strange tale about a world seemingly populated only by robotic creatures of various sizes and types.  Arties attempts to discover the true reason behind his endless task of traversing the desert.  There seems to be a vast conspiracy hinted at for the cause of it.  However, no clear answer or reason ever seems to be arrived at.  

Despite this obvious flaw in the narrative, it was a cute book, fairly entertaining, with clean and concise graphics.  The best part of the entire work is the exploration of the friendship between Artie and Owen and how it came to be.  The end sees nothing much resolved, but the two friends once again happy in each other's company.

I received an eGalley copy of this title from NetGalley and have willingly provided an honest review. 

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