Sunday, May 21, 2017

BOOK REVIEW for "Goblinwraith (Olive Kennedy, Fairy World M.D., #5)" by Tamara Grantham

*****(5) out of 5 stars!


Heidel, Wult warrior princess, is having a bad day.

First, a pack of wraiths chased her from a dragon's vault. Then, the thief she traveled with, Maveryck, who was supposed to be a professional, lost the staff they stole. Instead of reclaiming it, he created a portal that sucked them into a nightmarish world full of noxious fumes and mechanical beasts. Earth.

To make matters worse, Heidel is now stuck with the incompetent thief in Paris, France, and they have no way to get back home. As if that wasn't bad enough, Maveryck is keeping secrets from her — secrets about his past and his identity. Plus, he's far too attractive to be trusted. She's been on hellish quests before, but nothing has ever been more difficult than guarding her heart. And she's pretty sure she's going to fail. Miserably.


I was not prepared to like this story as well as I did.  Of the seven books in the Olive Kennedy, Fair World M.D. series, this is the only one that is not told from the perspective of Olive herself.  (And, in fact, Olive isn't even in this story!)  I don't generally like books that shift POV (the ones that do so during an account drive me nuts!).  And Heidel wasn't especially one of my favorite characters prior to this either.  But Goblinwraith gave me a whole different viewpoint of her.

Maveryck and Heidel are both rather different characters, but the relationship that develops between them is darling.  There is a lot of information learned in this short story that fills in many gaps about both characters.  It also explains some feelings that the two seem to have for each other, for no particular reason, later in Silverwitch (book #4).  In fact, the events of this story occur right in the middle of that tale, when these two are separated from Olive and Kull for a period of time.  Since any Faythander dweller returning there after visiting Earth Kingdom loses their memories of time spent on Earth, it fits very well into the narrative.  The story also explains another scene near the very end of Silverwitch that just didn't ring true for me when I read it.  Hopefully, the revelations of this tale hold true and things are not quite as they seem there.  

Regardless, it was quite enjoyable to learn more about both of these unique individuals and see the way in which their doomed and short-lived relationship delveoped.  With any luck, we will learn more about both of them as the series continues.  

I received a free eBook copy of this title from the author and have willingly provided an honest review.  

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