Monday, November 21, 2016

REVIEW: "Strictly No Elephants" by Lisa Mantchev, illustrated by Taeeun Yoo

*****(5) out of 5 stars!

A darling book about being excluded for being different, but finding your own way with new friends. Even better, the characters who were originally shunned, form a group that doesn't exclude anyone. A great lesson for kids in empathy and respect.

When the local Pet Club won’t admit a boy’s tiny pet elephant, he finds a solution—one that involves all kinds of unusual animals in this sweet and adorable picture book.

Today is Pet Club day. There will be cats and dogs and fish, but strictly no elephants are allowed. The Pet Club doesn’t understand that pets come in all shapes and sizes, just like friends. Now it is time for a boy and his tiny pet elephant to show them what it means to be a true friend.

Imaginative and lyrical, this sweet story captures the magic of friendship and the joy of having a pet.

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