Monday, November 14, 2016

REVIEW: "Charlaine Harris' Grave Surprise (Harper Connelly graphic novels, #2)" by Charlaine Harris, with Royal McGraw and Ilias Kyriazis

***(3) out of 5 stars

Apparently, this is the second in a series of graphic novels about the Charlaine Harris character Harper Connelly.  Despite not having read the preceding story, I had no trouble jumping into the events of this tome.

Harper is a young woman who has a sincere gift – some would call it a curse – of being able to locate dead people and to read their last thoughts.  While this can prove useful in some circumstances, especially in her business of helping loved ones find closure for people who have disappeared.  In this instance, it appears to put her at a disadvantage as Harper is suspected by the police of some untoward involvement in the discovery of a missing girl’s body, in a 150-year-old grave.  Things only get more complicated when a third body is discovered in the same grave; and Harper is saved from becoming yet another one, by a most unlikely source. 

I quite liked the storyline in this narrative.  Although many of the points were easily guessed, there were some twists and turns that weren’t easy to see coming. 

The characters were interesting and mostly believable.  Although there is a dynamic between two of the main characters that I found rather disturbing. 

The graphics, for the most part, were clear and discernable.  Although there were occasional weird marks, especially on the characters’ faces, and they often wore very weird, exaggerated expressions.  The color palette was mostly dark and brooding, which did occasionally make it hard to distinguish what was going on.  There was also an awful lot of narrative, which was encased in little hard-to-read pink boxes.

All in all, though, a pretty good read for a mystery graphic novel with a bit of suspense and paranormal intrigue thrown in.  

I received a free eBook copy of this title from NetGalley, 
and have willingly provided an honest review.

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