Sunday, July 23, 2017

BOOK REVIEW for "The Kiss (Shag Lake prequel)" by Susan McEachern

****(4) out of 5 stars!

Geri McKenna has a not-so-secret crush on Sean Eastman, her older brother's best friend. And it's ripping her heart out that Sean has graduated high school and is about to move away from their little town forever.

Sean Eastman was given a gift: three years of high school living a normal life in the small town of Pembroke. Problem is he doesn't want to leave, especially since he finally noticed that his best friend's little sister, Geri, is really hot.

The Kiss (Shag Lake prequel), is a short story about the coming of age of two teenagers who finally discover each other, only to be torn apart by the different paths their futures take them.


This is a darling coming-of-age tale about a somewhat unrequited love.  The story takes you right into the lives and mindsets of the two main characters, who are a 16-year-old girl named Geri and an 18-year-old boy named Sean.  I'm generally not a fan of dual-perspective novels, but the author really made this one work.  And it was nice to see the different attitudes that each character had about the same events.

 The story is actually much more than it seems, as it sets the stage for the author's full-length novel ("Shag Lake") with these same characters playing an even more important role in those events.  The beginnings of a relationship are evident in the happenings related here, but are then thwarted by time and circumstance.  As a stand-alone book, it is sweet and charming, albeit with a less than satisfying ending.  As the beginning of a longer, more complicated narrative, it is all that it should be, introducing us to the main players, albeit at much earlier time in their lives.  And it gives just a hint at the very end of why things aren't different from how they are.

(One final note, about the cover, which is beautiful and I love it, but it was interesting to discover that the image doesn't really fit the story!)

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