Saturday, October 29, 2016

FREE eBook alert for Saturday, Oct 29th, 2016 ONLY! -- "Darla the Elephant has Bipolar Disorder"

Blue Fox Press, was planning to offer FREE today on their website ( an eBook of "Darla the Elephant has Bipolar Disorder," the latest book in their "What Mental Disorder" series.  However, they seem to be having trouble with their website.  So instead, if you sign up for their Newsletter, they will email you a free downloadable copy of the book as soon as it is available.  

Often when people are given a mental health disorder diagnosis the weaknesses are clear and overwhelmingly emphasized, while the strengths are ignored or forgotten. The mental health children's book series 'What Mental Disorder?' challenges the stigma against therapy and diagnosis. It enlists the reader to view the character as a whole being and not as a mental issue. Although there are aspects that the character will have to learn to cope with in order to function successfully in their life, there are also amazing traits that make them unique and remarkably accomplished.

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