Sunday, August 7, 2016

REVIEW: The Unquiet Dead by Chris Dubecki

**(2) out of 5 stars

The storyline of this tale was fairly intriguing, filled with ghosts, cults, specters, and other supernatural beings. One rather intriguing plot device that the author made good use of was the fact that the main character supposedly was new to learning about his necromantic powers. So the reader was taken along for his tutoring sessions, and learned a lot about the world view of the main characters in this fashion.

The narrative itself was rather interesting, although there were a lot of convoluted schemes and intrigues that didn’t always make sense or seem to fully come together. However, there were many more things that bothered me about the book than impressed me.

If you have issues with the F-word then, seriously, do not read this book! Nearly every page had at least one instance of it, many had two or three. After a while, I started to speculate that the author maybe didn’t know any other words, different swear words included. I definitely would not let my kids read it, not even my teens. 

There was an overuse of “yeah?” at the end of sentences. Apparently, it’s the author’s version of “eh?” I guess that’s a real Canadian thing? I always thought it was made up. Every time it was used, it reminded me of the two moose in Brother Bear. And it was nearly as annoying as them.

I also had a problem with how often it was mentioned that the main character was nauseous or sick to his stomach. I was starting to wonder if he was pregnant.

The thing that I disliked the most, however, was the ending. There were already a ton of questions left unanswered from the last action scene. Then the very last words of the tale are a total cliff-hanger, leading into a completely different topic that had only been hinted at earlier in the book. A cheap parting shot, if you ask me. I just hope that there is a planned sequel out there; I hate loose ends. 

Despite all of the things that largely irritated me about the book, I did finish it through to the end. The characters weren’t magnificent, and quite frankly I had a hard time relating to them at first. Nonetheless, they did grow on me after a while, much as Trish developed a likely for Ty. It was quite interesting to find that many of the players were not what they seemed. I expect there will be more revelations in future books as well, as there were several suggestions of things not yet fully explored. 

I received a pdf copy of this book free from Curiosity Quills in exchange for an honest review.

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